If you experience any of these scenarios on a daily basis:       

  • You cannot even imagine starting the day without a cup (or more) of coffee>
  • You spend the day pecking sweets and salty snacks or whatever is in your reach.
  • You need your dose of sugar in the morning and after lunch to avoid falling asleep at your office desk chair.
  • Your sleep is not restful,
  • You eat without having an energized feeling after your meal,
  • The constant rush, stress and lack of time prevent you from hearing the alarm signals of your body.

Then, I invite you to sit back for a moment to read  my easy and very cheap solutions.


Where does the problem really comes from?

As we know, everything is energy and energy is everywhere. All living beings are animated by the vital energy that ensures our essential functions. The problem with lacking energy is that we have built a fake world outside our natural environment.

Our natural environment is life: trees, plants, flowers, animals, sunlight, fresh air, and fresh water. What we have created is quite the opposite. It’s lifeless, and it exhausts us.

Life is only found in nature, not in the cities or shopping centers, or on asphalt, or in the artificial world we have invented:

We live in locked houses.

We work in locked offices.

We train and work out in locked in gyms.

We are constantly exposed to artificial light that causes us anxiety and devitalized us.

We eat industrial and unnatural foods and drink about anything but natural water.

We breathe polluted air, both outside and inside the house.

We stuff ourselves daily with toxic products.

We dress up using synthetic clothing that prevents our skin from breathing and getting nourishment from sunlight.

And if we add to all this debilitating beliefs and conventional wisdom that are weakening us; the constant mental chatter that exhausts us; the torrent of negative emotions that invade us daily; all fuelled by exhausting media and misinformation. The result is more than obvious: our energy level has dropped to a minimum.

The good news is that you can do a lot about it. Change is possible if you are willing to start doing things differently. Start by changing little by little your lifestyle. Not everything is resolved with magic pills. It’s in your hands.

Start by loving and respecting yourself a little more. I recommend you to put into practice some (or all) of the recommendations below. I guarantee that your energy level will increase.


The Ten Strategies For Increased Energy


#1. Say NO to devitalized food (industrial, artificial, packaged, radiated, herbicided and pesticided) and YES to vital nutrients, full of sunlight (check here what I mean). Dr. McCollum from John from Hopkins University explains:

“Eat nothing unless it can spoil or rot but eat it before it does!”

On a cellular level, to recover energy by food, our bodies optimize the functioning of mitochondria (power stations located in the heart of each cell). To produce the energy we use we need oxygen, vitamins and minerals. As for the oxygen, we need only breathing. Vitamins and minerals that are essential for energy production include magnesium, B group vitamins and vitamin C.

#2. Drink fresh water and infusions, hot or cold and occasionally some red wine. The rest will overload your body and, therefore, take away energy. If you don’t know what to drink check this out. 

#3. Spend as much time as possible outdoors. Walk, train, or just sunbath. Even in winter, you need to be exposed to sunlight and the outside air. Both are necessary for your physical and mental health. In addition, try to live to the rhythm of the sun and the moon, as much as possible. It’s rebalancing to be in tune with nature’s time and this promotes more restful sleep.

#4. Walk barefoot every day, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes. Reconnecting with the Earth’s electromagnetic energy will increase your vitality in a short period of time. You can read more about this here.

#5. Avoid synthetic clothing and instead use natural fibres that allow your body to breathe and move freely such as organic cotton, eco hemp, organic linen, lyocell , algae, and eventually, peace silk or ahimsa. Synthetic fibres isolate you from the outside air, and prevent your body from perspiring to dissipate heat. .

#6. Stop using toxic cosmetics and hygiene products. Choose natural and ecological raw materials that are skin friendly. Chemicals overload the “elimination organs” such as the skin, so it requires more effort (energy) to remove them.

#7. Do what you love. Turn off the TV, computer, and cell phones, and do things you really enjoy every day. Do what’s important to you first, and leave what’s “urgent” for later. Yesterday and tomorrow don’t exist, so focus on today, and do what makes you feel good NOW without feeling guilty. As far as I’m concerned, this is one of the most energizing resources available.

#8. Take good care of yourself FIRST. It has nothing to do with selfishness. If you are not taking care of yourself, it will be impossible to do so for others. Listen to yourself, learn to know you better, and invest in reaching your full potential. When you feel good, you are filled with lots of positive and inspiring energy that you can, in turn, pass on to others.

#9. Laugh and smile. Humor is healing, and is a great resource for charging your batteries. Almost any adverse situation may change with a smile. Did you know that one minute of laughter equals 45 minutes of relaxation?

#10. Be thankful. We lose a lot of energy thinking about what we do not have. “If I had that house, that car, that partner, this new smartphone, more friends … I would be happier”. Big mistake. Express and feel gratitude every day for what you already have, which is usually way more than you think. We take some many things for granted, wanting more and more, when in fact we have so much already. The power of gratitude takes us out of the automatic-pilot way of life, and allows us to see that there is always a reason to feel joy and gratitude.


As you can see, it is quite easy. It’s all about reconnecting with nature and with your own (well)being. It sounds all very obvious, but we are so far from both, that we have reached levels of degeneration never before seen among humans.

So let’s move forward and change in a positive way to get more energy!

What strategies are you going to implement?

What do you do to raise energy levels?

A hug!