When reading the words “wild” and “rewilding,” many people automatically think of forests, lush nature, wild, remote and inhospitable places, caveman images and Tarzans. The word “wild” sometimes has a somewhat Hollywood-esque and even pejorative connotation: primitive, uncivilized, uneducated, cruel, inhuman…

I prefer to think of wild in terms of “uncontrolled by others,” “undomesticated,” and “not dominated.” A thing wild is something in its natural and pure state, without the intervention of human hands. Imagine for a moment how the hunter-gatherer ancestors lived. They faced considerable dangers every day, but they were free. Today we also face dangers – different dangers, but dangers nonetheless. Being alive involves being exposed to all kinds of dangerous situations in itself. The difference is that now we are not free. We might have the illusion of being free, but we are not. We are well tamed, dominated, and controlled by society, taboos, industry, fashion, media, social networks, and maybe, most of all, by our own beliefs.



Rewilding is about leaving behind the unconsciously self-imposed limits of our body and our spirit.

Today is one of those gray days when the desire to cross the doors of my house is weak. This happens to all of us from time to time. But in no case should this be an excuse to be embedded in the couch watching television or wandering aimlessly through the Internet. Let me introduce you to a less domesticated and more rewilding lifestyle, and show you that being wild and untamed is about a state of mind. You don’t need to go to a jungle, you can start rewilding here and now, in your own house.


10 Ideas to Achieve this


1 Walk barefoot. 

We have already discussed this issue on rewilding drum (check here). It is very important to release the foot of the its “shoe prison.” At least at home, allow yourself that luxury.

2 Do not use toxic products throughout the day

I mean cosmetics, hygiene and cleaning products polluting your life and damaging your health. Clean up you bathroom closet, and ask yourself if you really need all those (beauty) products and what alternatives you could introduce into your life. It is much easier than you think!. Always remember that less is more.

3 Move! 

“No time” or “no money” are no longer accepted as excuses to not work out and start moving. The most effective and natural exercises are those you do with your own body, without machines, rooms or large surfaces. They can be easily done at home, and you can choose from a wide variety of effective workouts.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • Take a seat on the floor and stand up without using your hands at least ten times.
  • Exercise and strengthen your muscles by doing squats.
  • Practice the sit squat, if possible, with the soles of your feet flat on the floor. Quite a challenge for many of us. Today it seems a primitive and even rude posture for adults. But do not be fooled: this is the ancestral resting posture of the human body.
  • Do the plank to strengthen both the back as and the abdominals. 
  • And if you feel like moving more vigorously, try the HIIV or high intensity interval workouts.
  • Or just dance … why not? It’s all about moving. And again, I repeat, less is more.

4 Try not to sit down throughout the day.

At least in chairs or sofas. If you want to sit, do it on the floor, and the rest of the day, walk, or just stand up. I’ll tell you more about this practice here, as healthy as it is effective to keep back pain at bay. 

5 Do not wear synthetic or uncomfortable clothing that limits your movement.

When I lived at my parents’ house, my mother complained many times about how “ugly” I dressed up to study at home: leggings, a wide shirt or a big sweater. The comments were funny and all, but offensive. When studying, lying on the floor, or walking around the house, I needed comfortable clothing and footwear.

We tend to limit our freedom of movement, dressing up in all kinds of ways to look “beautiful,” And on top of that, many clothes are made of synthetic materials. Our health is at stake

6 Spend the day off. 

No screens or watches. It will help you live more intensely in the present moment, which is, by the way, the only one we have. Once you filter the noise, you’ll start listening to yourself: What do you want? What do you like? What makes you feel good? And do it! Check here how.

7 Play with children lying on the floor.
You know that age is only a number. Invite yourself down to the floor and into the great little world of your kids and grandkids, in which everything is possible. This mood-boosting activity will teach you that your inner child is still very much present in you.

8 Plant plants.
You do not even need a terrace. A couple of pots are enough to initiate your reconnection with the plant world. Feel the earth in your hands, study the seeds, and soak up the different aromas of the plants.

9 Eat food.

Seize the day to pamper yourself and prepare everything that feeds you and gives you energy. Take care of yourself because you’re worth it. No one else will do it for you.

10 Experiment with herbal teas.

The bioactive components of plants balance and protect us. I can imagine that linden and chamomile could seem boring and or useful only for the sick. It’s time to discover other flavors and combinations: cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, pepper, licorice, lavender, elderberry, hibiscus, pink, cocoa, nettle, plantain, and so many others. The possibilities are endless.

Now it’s your turn.

Tell me!

• How domesticated is your life?
• Do you think that a wilder lifestyle is possible in today’s world?

I send you a strong hug,