How to return to your natural state:

Healthy, free, strong and wild


Do you identify with any of these statements?

I don’t have enough energy or time to do everything I’d like to.

I should lose weight but I am fed up with diets.

I should move more and get my body in better shape, but the idea of ​​going to a gym makes me sick.

I want to eat healthy, but does healthy food still exist?

There is an overload of information available, and I can’t decide what is right or wrong anymore.

I am surviving from one weekend to the next and from one holiday to the next without much happiness or serenity in between.

I have achieved everything I’m supposed to achieve in life, and still I feel empty and my life seems pointless.

I would like to do something completely different, but I don’t know where to start and I am lacking the initiative to get started.

We hear these complaints every day! The problem is that we have moved away from Nature – an indisputable and inseparable part of our being! We have denied our natural instincts, stopped listening, given away our freedom and put our lives in the hands of others. We have disconnected, and as a result, we feel lost and chained.

You would like to change your lifestyle but you don’t know where to start? 

We are happy to serve you and share with you all the lessons we’ve learned during the last 20 years to generate and maintain bulletproof health and vitality. During this mentoring program you will learn:

  • how to eat a healthier diet,
  • how to move more naturally,
  • how to think with a more positive attitude,
  • how to live in harmony with nature but mainly,
  • how to take action that will direct you to your genuine nature.

Start getting results from the moment you begin to listen to your Inner Drum!  



Since I have met Bert almost 10 years ago, I have been appreciating more and more his view on life, nature and sports. Even though we have a very different background, interests and professional activities, Bert always shows great empathy and most of all, it is good fun and very motivational to discuss and train with him.

Pieter Vandewalle

How can we help?

To help you return to your natural state, the Rewilding Mentoring Program relies on the following pillars:

  • Diet: we recommend a diet based on what nature offers, but we are always respectful of each person’s state of health and their living situation.
  • Movement: We start from a baseline analysis of your mobility and physical state and suggest exercises and disciplines that best suit your personal situation and fitness, giving priority to outdoor workouts and the natural movements of the human body.
  • Disconnection and reconnection: We help you to learn to halter the overload of external stimuli and discover what is happening “in here” by listening to your Inner Drum, and then act accordingly. We will help you overcome the challenge of disconnecting from modern technology and society – a valuable step towards reconnecting with yourself.
  • Bushcraft: Returning to our natural state requires relearning or acquiring a baseline knowledge of ancestral techniques in nature to be able to enjoy the experience comfortably. Learning and practicing these techniques will teach you to distinguish the essential from the superfluous and unnecessary.

And last but not least, we also make use of Coaching as a useful tool that helps you discover who you are, what you want and how to get it.



What you get

⇒ A customized action plan for your particular situation.

 Support and follow up of your path during the duration of the program.

 Access to the knowledge and experiences that have proven successful in our own rewilding process.

 Increased energy levels and feelings of wellbeing.

 Inspiration and motivation to explore your true nature and start down the unique path of your life.

Our program is for you if:


  • you love to learn and are open to new ways of seeing life.
  • you have heard the call of change and you genuinely desire to answer it.
  • you are committed and motivated
  • you are focused on action.

Our program is NOT for you if:


  • you tend to be negative and sceptical.
  • you tend to blame others for what happens to you.
  • your concept of “Nature” is merely a perfectly trimmed lawn and garden.
  • you often give up instead of working persistently to achieve your goals.

How much does it cost and how does it work?

See this coaching as an investment in yourself, and the answer is that any investment in yourself is priceless. Do you prefer investing in the latest technology or clothing fashion which will end up in the garbage in a few years or investing in yourself? To us, the answer is clear.

The program takes four sessions – once a week for one month. For only 495 EUR you will get: 

  • Session 1: We analyse your current situation based on the information you provide (60 minutes).
  • Session 2: We will identify your enemies, set goals, work on destroying old habits and replacing them with more healthy and productive ones, and create a individualized action plan (45-60 minutes).
  • Session 3: We analyse your progress, making adjustments if necessary (45-60 minutes).
  • Session 4: A final assessment is conducted that includes a strategy for the future (45-60 minutes).

And the following support materials:

  • Recommended reading and exercises,
  • Examples of menus and recipes for the week
  • Supporting documents.
  • Ongoing support via email throughout the duration of the program.


Where are the sessions held?

Available Belgium wide and by Skype.

Ready to return to your natural state?

Book your room now … we only have five spaces available per month!



Working together is easy. Just send us an email via the contact form below, in which you explain us:


  • Who you are and what the main problem is you want to solve
  • What purpose you want to achieve
  • What your biggest obstacle is in achieving this objective
  • What you expect from this program

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