One day, a tragic event changed my life. I’ll spare you the details, but what I want you to know is: there is no need to wait until life kicks you to make life-changing decisions.  

What until that moment had seemed important and immutable, suddenly seemed absurd and meaningless. My inner drum was becoming louder than ever. In fact, it had been calling for a very long time, but I had done everything possible to ignore that call.

I thought I didn’t have the time. There was too much noise around me. Or maybe I didn’t want to hear it … or maybe I was afraid to uncover an inconvenient or terrifying truth. Something as sinister as what had happened made me realize that it was time to make major changes in my life, and leave the area in which nothing ever happens at all The Comfort Zone.

I could not continue to ignore the call of my Inner Drum. Much had to change, but it was a road of no return. I would have to face the fear, the insecurity, the unknown, and the criticism. But today I can tell you that the reward has exceeded my expectations.

It would be much smarter not to wait until life slaps you in the face to realize these truths. I understand it is not always possible. Mental deafness and denial is very common. But once you really start listening and wake up, you realize that it is not impossible.


Tips to Unlock Your Ears

As with any move or change of season, the first thing to do is get rid of any surplus. Be ready for a cleanup at four levels:

  •  Cleaning yourself physically

I have said this before. We have to stop using our bodies as a dump – from “food” that poisons us to toxic chemicals and products absorbed by our skin every day. A polluted body cannot operate at 100%. Why are we content with a half-running body, when we have an amazingly perfect and ingenious vehicle that can take us where we want if we treat it properly? Eat clean; eat real food!

  •  Cleaning your space

Give away or recycle everything that no longer transmits good vibrations, has lost its reason for being in your life, or has become more of a hindrance than a useful object. Freeing space gives way for new inspiring things to enter into your life.

  •  Cleaning your relationships

Yes, relationships must be maintained and cleaned up too. Stop wasting energy and time on relationships that no longer contribute anything to your well-being, and, even worse, rob your energy. There is no need to win the prize of Mister or Miss Nice. It’s more important to be honest and good to yourself.

  •  Cleaning up your media

Long ago I stopped watching the news and TV in general. Is there anything more depressing and manipulated than the media? I do not say that you shouldn’t be informed but open your eyes and ears and look for different sources. Do not fill your head with the distressing news that you can’t do anything about anyway.

 Instead of trying to change the world, start by changing yourself … isn’t that enough of a challenge? Only when you change yourself, will the world around you change. Don’t wander aimlessly through the social media network – you’re throwing away precious moments of your life! Instead, watch and listen to things that inspire you to achieve what you really want in life.


 But What Will I Do Without “Entertainment?” 

Once this is done, you’ll have much more time and creativity to work on your new life. Once you start cleaning up your life, you will finally be able to hear the beautiful new music of real life that you were ignoring before. For that I bring you the following proposals:

  •  Meditate: Meditation is a very useful tool for calming the mind, making it blank, and connecting with your deepest being. No, you do not need to spend hours meditating. A couple of minutes a day will produce noticeable results.
  •  Ask yourself interesting questions that make you think deeply. There are powerful questions that can change your life, like these:

                  What would I devote myself to if I had all the money in the world?

                  What would I like to do if success was guaranteed one-hundred percent?

                  What would be important to me if I had only six months left? 

                  Would I rather be happy or be right?

  •  Read and learn constantly; it will take your life to another level. When you stop learning you stop advancing. Learn to be the best you can be.
  •  Surround yourself with inspiring people who fill you with energy and from whom you can learn how to achieve your dreams.
  •  Do something you like that fills you with joy and vitality every day. If possible, do it first thing in the morning to prevent the vicissitudes of the day from ruining your plan.
  •  Stop complaining or even listening to complaints. A couple of months ago I participated in a seminar in which we were asked not to complain, for one day at least. This was a revealing exercise! It felt liberating. Complaining is utterly ineffective in achieving any goal. If, in the end, you decide to complain, do something immediately afterwards to change what bothers you or forever hold your peace.
  •  Never stop exploring and looking around. Don’t lose your curiosity for new things and the ability to be surprised. When the brain is active, more cell brains are built, so keep your brain flexible and in use, regardless of your age.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me!

What are your strategies for better listening?

What does your Inner Drum say?

Will you answer the call of your Inner Drum or ignore it completely?

 A hug,